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6- week course starts on Tuesday, March 16th!

LIVE teachings take place on Tuesdays, and are available via “on-demand” too. Via Zoom

Special Mastermind Course For Bosses, Entrepreneurs, + Creatives.
I take people who are stuck in life from being overwhelmed, anxious, and scattered
TO —>>> Clear and in the Present Moment so that they can fulfill their life’s purpose and unlock their greatest potential!
Our life’s Journey and experiences are created by our inner state of CONSCIOUSNESS. AND…we have access to SHIFT this Consciousness to change our inner and outer world experiences and create the enlightened life we want! So in this program, together we will:
* ACCELERATE your true life path for FULFILLMENT
* ACCELERATE your intuition for CLARITY
* ACCELERATE your meditation practice for TRANSFORMATION
By attending my Consciousness Accelerator MasterMind group, you will receive a very powerful TRANSFORMATION IN CONSCIOUSNESS 

Separate and disconnected ---->>> Deep Connection with Source Consciousness

Ungrounded and lack of presence ---- >>> Grounded and Present

Not having enough time ---->>> Residing in the Present Moment where time is limitless

Scarcity --->>> Abundance ConsciousNESS

You are not making an impact, or you haven't found your own unique path yet  --->>> receiving direct guidance from Source Consciousness for your own unique path and how to make an impact

Stuck --->>> Flow State

There is a short interview process when applying for this course. I want to make sure you are a great fit for my Mastermind group, as well as making sure my Course is a great fit for you, one where you will receive all the amazing Consciousness Transformations! Contact me today, I look forward to talking to you ~
Non-refundable. If you find you cannot start the course on the start date due to an emergency, you will have one year to attend another THE CONSCIOUSNESS Accelerator Program ~
I am very fortunate to be a successful Entrepreneur + “Lady Boss”, as well as being a very mystical and spiritual being at the same time! I am deeply connected to Source Consciousness through my own personal life journey of Awakening + shifting from a Low State of Consciousness to a High State of Consciousness. This absolutely has helped me in the business world as I have founded my own companies, and gives me a huge edge in life! It also directly guides my personal life as well as helping me create a big impact for Humanity!
My Teachings, Courses, and published Books are all directly channeled by Source Consciousness. I am also able to guide you to connect directly to Source Consciousness for your own clarity and guidance, as well as activating your shift into a very high state of Consciousness. I have over 20 years of experience in India at a Spiritual University where I received my trainings, initiations, processes, and activations as a Teacher. I have worked the past 15 years as a Consciousness Teacher and Activator, and continue today with my work in North America at my Meditation and Spiritual Awakening retreat center called NeedleRock Meditation Sanctuary in Crawford Colorado. Here, I offer “in-person” retreats on these Sacred Lands, as well as offering many online courses.
When you purchase THE CONSCIOUSNESS Accelerator Course, you will also have:
** Lifetime access to my Consciousness Accelerator private mastermind group ~
** Lifetime access to my weekly Consciousness Coaching + Activation group sessions via Zoom ~
** Access to all new updated versions of THE CONSCIOUSNESS Accelerator course when new versions are released ~
** Access to “in-person” Consciousness retreats at my NeedleRock Meditation Sanctuary in Crawford, Colorado when offered ~