Julia A. Desmond comes from a business background professionally, as well as mystical background spiritually. In October of 2006, she traveled to the Oneness University for the first time, a spiritual school located in Southern India utilizing Oneness processes for the Awakening of mankind. Over the course of the following decade, Julia has traveled back to Oneness in India yearly, and continues to take Oneness processes.

Due to a shift in perception from one of these Oneness Processes, Julia “realized” her true nature as being divine. As a result of this shift in consciousness, the divine started communing with her in the form of experiential realizations, and through her in the form of  written “divine revelations”.

Her handwritten notebooks of these conversations have subsequently turned into these “Writings from the ONE” books, a series of writings about Consciousness and Awakening. Her role now continues to be a “writer” of these divine revelations, and to publicly share these words of grace.

Julia also teaches various types of meditation processes and facilitates events geared towards groups, corporations, and executives. She offers retreats of varying lengths and invites all participants to her NeedleRock Meditation and Wellness Center located in Crawford, Colorado.