You are one of the ONES, do not forget it ~
The transformation on the planet starts with our very own transformation ~

This is what you are being walked through right now, in this grand divine plan ~

So do not underestimate yourself ~

For you are powerful ~
You are beautiful ~
You are radiant ~
And you have access to pure divine consciousness, right here, right now, to rise up even further to help yourself, but more importantly to help the masses ~

For this is your role, to be one of the ONES ~
The ONES ushering in the Golden Age of Enlightenment ~

For a group had to go first after all ~
You are it, the pioneers in this great Awakening happening right here, right now ~

It’s time to “wake up”
It’s time to go through your own transformation, and then it’s time to help everyone around you do the same ~

We will see an awakened and transformed humanity, very soon in fact ~

In the next few decades, life will be dramatically different ~
People will be living in oneness ~

So the time is now to journey into this divine consciousness, you will not be disappointed

For once Grace has entered your life, your life is forever transformed ~

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