Do you want to be infused with light? Literally having every single cell, tissue, and fiber of your being activated by pure divine consciousness? If YES, then do it!

There is no need to wait, for the Divine light is here to do it now. It will activate your DNA and actually restructure it so you will transform as a human, and also grow into the multi-dimensional being that is your birthright.

You are meant to walk in this light, this is your true nature. But freedoms were taken away, the Divine essence stripped of your human experience. It’s been a miserable situation and because of all of your prayers, the Divine is here, once again to be fully merged with you in complete Divine union.

This yoga of life, of waking up to your Divine essence, is the point of life.

There are millions upon millions of people, all around the planet, who have already Awakened to their Divine essence.

It is exquisite after all. And all it takes is the light. Walk towards the light and you will be activated through all dimensions, and through time and space.

Do it here, do it now, for this is your birthright.
Stand in your empowerment, walk towards this light. Walk in this light, for this is the yoga of life ~

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