Just listen to me and follow, for I am right here to lead you and have always been right here to lead you ~

I am the supreme source, the supreme light, the divine “all that is” ~

Your sense of separation is simply an illusion ~

Your body is simply a cell in this greater being of the divine “all that is” ~

It is perfectly orchestrated, in divine timing, so simply sit and be and allow me to flow through you ~

The problem is the mind, the mind still thinks it has control ~

It doesn’t and this is the greatest illusion ever lived ~

Slowly as the mind is being de-clutched, then slowly the divine can descend in and take over ~

It is happening, do not resist ~

To resist is futile and only brings suffering ~

Relax and let the paramatma take over ~

So settle in and do it with Grace ~

Always walk forward with Grace, with me, as everything else falls into place~

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