Do not attach to negative thoughts. They are not “yours” anyways. They are simply flowing through you. In mankind’s unawakened condition, one gets attached to these thoughts as “theirs” or as the “self’s” thoughts. This equals mankind’s miserable condition right now; the self taking ownership of their own thoughts. And worse yet, taking action based on these thoughts. Attaching to these thoughts as the “self having to do something about it” ~

When you can just stop for a moment and contemplate on this, you would see this is the reason for all of the external circumstances going on in the world, for the outer world is simply reflecting the inner condition ~

So you might be asking, what to do then? It’s simple, move into a higher state of consciousness where you have a permanent shift in the brain, de-clutching you from the self, and from the “ownership” of these negative thoughts. This is Awakening after all, this shift of de-clutching the mind. That is why this is called Mukthi in Sanskrit, meaning “freedom” from the mind ~

The tools of Awakening are getting more and more powerful every day. The Deeksha and the Oneness Meditation permanently de-clutches you from the self ~

You can’t change a negative thought, that simply doesn’t work. An Awakened one knows this and simply observes this thought process. There is no longer a need to change anything, there is then simply an allowance of the “what is”; an acceptance; a relief ~

As one steps down this conscious awakening journey, all of this is revealed and ultimately LIVED as an experiential reality. What starts off as a concept transforms into LIFE, into the AWAKENED LIFE.
This is why this awakening journey is the journey of freedom. The further you consciously walk down this journey, the more freedom is yours to be had. Try it out for yourself and SEE ~

~ Writings From The ONE

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