The path is so easy to follow, once Grace has illuminated every single step of the way. Illumination = every single cell in your being activated with the light of Grace. This is how the gods descend into mankind, into individuals such as you ~

God consciousness is light, and descends into the billions of cells of your being. This is known as the “god particle”, the missing element in mankind’s existence right now. This god particle connects the individual to the infinite wisdom of the cosmos, connecting all dimensions through time and space, which activates the individual into a multi-dimensional “reality” ~

This god particle has been absent from the “reality” of mankind for thousands of years. This = today’s present condition which manifests internally as: separation, loneliness, sadness, and existential suffering. And this manifests externally as: poverty, war, greed, and environmental destruction.

This missing particle is the “key” to bringing mankind back into balance and wholeness, into Oneness consciousness, which will automatically bring the external world back into wholeness, peace, and harmony.

How does the particle descend into mankind? Is this simply a myth? On the contrary, it is a very real, neurobiological shift in the brain, these shifts of awakening and god-realization, where a person’s perception automatically shifts from separation into Oneness; from individual consciousness into god consciousness.

And this is happening now, ~ The year 2012 marked the beginning of the Golden Age for mankind ~ we have now entered a 1000 year period of  “full illumination” ~

You see, walking within the illuminated path of Grace is mankind’s birthright. This is the ultimate form of empowerment. It actually = the “only” form of empowerment, which is missing from mankind’s reality right now.

The journey of walking “in illumination” is extraordinary. It is magical, for the universe unfolds all of its information and wisdom through your fingertips. Utilizing the universal spiritual laws becomes automatic, there is no longer a “sense of I” trying to manipulate, control, or manifest these spiritual laws. It simply is ~ Life simply becomes one of complete flow and harmony with the universe ~

Yes! This does = mankind’s destiny, right here, right now ~

Imagine right now, everyone on the planet walking the “illuminated path of Grace”. This creates an extraordinary existence for all life in the planet, for it truly = heaven on earth for all ~

The Golden Age is the Oneness Phenomenon. It is here, it is now ~ The shift of Awakening is happening, to so many across the planet! It is a time to be rejoiced and celebrated as mankind moves into full illumination!

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