Oneness Consciousness is the unifying factor among humanity. This is the cord and energetic thread that literally ties us all together, creating a web of oneness throughout the planet ~

So when we visualize humanity spread around all the various countries, from all the different races, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, and socio-economic groups, we can visualize the golden thread of oneness consciousness connecting all and moving through all in this great global Awakening happening right now ~

Oneness is not sameness. Oneness is honoring all of the differences after all, for all the differences should be celebrated! These differences are coming from the divine as true gifts for humanity ~

Stop for a moment, and contemplate this, for this “concept” of oneness within humanity is actually an experiential realization. All one has to do is receive this shift into oneness ~

And of course, the shift of Awakening now gives us access to oneness consciousness. As we journey from separation into oneness, you will start to experience this unifying force in a very real and palpable way ~

When one actually realizes “oneness with others”, the world will be forever shifted and transformed. The violence within our selves and with others will automatically cease, and a true and ever lasting peace will emerge. This is all due to mankind shifting into higher states of consciousness ~

It is happening right now ~

This great Awakening ~

This great oneness for all ~

The question is: Do you say YES?

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