The cup of the divine runneth deep~ for there are no boundaries, no limitations, no beginning, no end ~

This cup, the golden chalice, this holy grail, is the “gift” and the “giver” at the same time ~

The cup of grace spilleth over ~ to cleanse everything it touches in pure divine essence, this holy sacrament, this baptism of god washing his little one in all his glory, illuminating the path of life for him. For once he was blind and now he “sees”, this illuminated path of grace ~

Why does one not see this? It takes this divine cup of grace, this eternal elixir of life, of the all that is, to fully illuminate this path of grace, this path of light, this path of god, in perfect oneness and harmony with the universe ~

This cup of grace is here and now, for all to drink from, to consume this holy water of life, nectar of the heavens, of the gods, brought to man is this golden chalice, now during this golden age ~

Drink now and drink always, this elixir of the gods, brought to man to become intoxicated with god’s grace ~

This cup spilleth over from you to others, in a waterfall of grace, this elixir meant to be shared with others, without limitations. For this is how the golden age spreads rapidly among mankind. This chalice, available to all, in the world of infinite grace and abundance ~

The cup of grace spilleth over to all, for the time is now ~This cup of grace readily accessible to uplift all of mankind, into the kingdom of heaven, the home of the gods, merging into holy matrimony with the king of all kings ~

This cup of grace toucheth all, from all walks of life ~ all paths are illuminated, no one is left behind, not now ~ for this great golden age is the age of drinking this elixir of life, for all times, now and forever ~

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